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How To Pick The Perfect Bag To Give As A Gift

Women are so multi-faceted. Think about all the things we handle each day. There’s the student stuff and the mom stuff and the girlfriend stuff and the power boss stuff. On any given day, we can be rocking any number of fashion personalities. So when it comes to choosing a great bag as a gift, how do you know you’re picking the perfect one? 

Don’t worry! We’ve made it easy for you. Whether you’re choosing a sleek bag for a fun night out or a functional bookbag to take to class, we make choosing the perfect bag simple.

#1 Know Your Person

When deciding which bag to choose, make sure you take into consideration a bag that would actually work the best for your girl. Does she ride the train into a busy downtown for work? Does she shuffle through college classes all day? Does she have to carry 1,456 diapers with her? Is her social life totally glam? Though we all have a need for several different bags during any given season, there should be one personality highlight that stands out from the rest. Think about the bag that she would use the most and you can never go wrong.

For the busy mama on-the-go, we recommend:

Vegan Vintage Power Bag, $75


#2 The Element Of Surprise

With all the things that women juggle each day, it may be fun just to take her by surprise. Get her something out of her comfort zone. Book a vineyard tour and buy her a sleek bookbag to wear as she takes in the views. Try out a new A-List dinner spot and buy her a gorgeous bag to wear. Making life fun with a great new bag can feel like a much-needed vacation. Go wild! Trust us, she’ll love it!

For the jet-setter, adventure-seeker, we recommend:

Bryn Cady Backpack, $49 


#3 Her New Best Friend

Getting her a bag that she uses on the regular will be the best gift she has ever had. Think about a bag with space to carry everything she needs or a bag with SO MANY POCKETS. She can put her phone and her hairbow and her lip gloss and any other daily accessory exactly where she needs it. There’s no denying how magical that is. Choosing a bag that she can take with her anywhere will be a bag she cherishes forever.

For a bag she won’t leave home without, we recommend:

The Gisele Satchel, $68


#4 Give Her Something Good

At Pacific Weekend, we make it a point to offer cruelty-free accessories with sustainability always at the forefront of our designs. She’ll love that you gave her a gift that she can proudly wear knowing her footprint on the Earth was limited. Bags that are made from Vegan leather and manufactured straight from the source help make an impact on our world. She’ll also love that a part of every purchase goes directly back to benefit the community in a positive way through acts of kindness fostered by our KIND VIBE TRIBE.

For the vintage chic friend, we recommend:

Kendall Chain Bucket Bag, $68


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February 09, 2019 — Heather Coull