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How To Pick The Perfect Work Bag

Everyday you’re hustlin’. From early morning coffee runs to late-night meetings, your day is booked with a million different tasks. You need a bag that can keep up with your rambling spirit. But finding the perfect companion for your everyday grind can be a real struggle. We’re here to help you decode everything you need to know about selecting the best work bag ever.

Tote-lly Fabulous

There’s an art to finding a bag that can hold everything you need. Whether you have to carry your laptop or blueprints or an umbrella, a large tote can be a life-saver. You want to look for a tote that has enough compartments to hold everything you need for the day. You’ll want a space for your sunglasses, for a water bottle, for notes, for lotion and everything in between. Totes work well because they have a lot of different space for many different items. Heading to the gym after work? Throw your shoes in there. Need to take your kids to the splash pad after school? There’s plenty of room for that sunscreen. It’s like a secret oasis for all the things you need each day but you don’t want to show to the world. The best part? Today’s totes are totally glam. Totes come in a range of sizes and are notorious for helping you look put-together while actually keeping your life afloat.

Double Strap It

More and more, people are embracing eco-friendly modes of transportation like taking the train, riding their bike or walking to work. So how do they juggle their espresso and their laptop and ride their bike at the same time? The answer is easy. A stunning, super helpful backpack. Perfect for carrying anything you need, a backpack is spacious, helps distribute the weight evenly on your back and allows you to be hands-free. But today’s bookbags aren’t a nod to your former middle school self. They’re chic and stunning and so adorable you’ll want to wear them on the weekend too.

Keep It Cute

If you’re looking for the crossroad between style and function, you’ll love a great saddle bag or messenger bag. These looks are so now and so fabulous but also provide great compartments to hold everything you’ll need for your daily meetings. You can easily store papers or your I-pad along with your regular players like your lip gloss or sunglasses. The best part about using one of these bags is the professionalism you’ll exude as you enter the room. Nothing screams “I’ve got work to do” as much as a bag that’s literally named after an actual job.

If you’re looking for the perfect work bag, we’ve got every style imaginable and really, they’re all functional and cute. From our gorgeous Lindsay Marie Tote Bag to our Classic Canvas Backpack, you’ll find the perfect look no matter your career. Though no one is ever thrilled to go to work, having a gorgeous bag that you truly love to carry can be a bright spot in any work day.
February 09, 2019 — Heather Coull